How you should file a claim

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If your car is involved in an accident during a Drivy trip, don’t panic. Drivy’s insurance will handle it – you don’t need to involve your regular insurer. If your car was properly maintained at the start of the trip, the driver will be held responsible for the damages.

Here are the steps to follow when you need to file an insurance claim:

Ask the driver to take pictures and call our insurer’s claims line (0330 102 1998) as soon as possible.
  1. Wait for the driver to come back from the trip.
    If the driver informs you that an accident occurred during a trip, there’s no need to interfere yet. Ask the driver to take pictures, call our insurer’s claims line (0330 102 1998) as soon as possible, and, if a third party was involved, to fill out an accident statement (“constat amiable”). The insurance policy number is BV/27657645. If the driver can’t continue the trip, Drivy’s 24/7 roadside assistance will take over.*

  2. Fill out the rental agreement and damage report with the driver.
    No need to contact Drivy beforehand – we can’t open a claim without these documents. Access the damage report from your rental page by clicking on ‘Report an incident’. The damage report has to be signed by both you and the driver to ensure your claim is complete. Make sure each of you keeps a copy of the report (either fill in and sign two copies, or keep the original and have the driver take a picture of it).

  3. Report the incident to Drivy.
    This should be done within 48 days of the end of the trip. From a web browser (not from the app), go to your rentals dashboard, select the trip, and click ‘Report an incident’. Attach all of the supporting documents you have so Drivy can process your claim as quickly as possible.

  4. Drivy will contact you.
    Once we receive your claim, we’ll be in touch within a maximum of 10 business days about your insurance claim and to organise any repairs to your vehicle.

*Note: Roadside assistance will take care of towing the vehicle to a local garage and the driver’s onward journey, if necessary. If that happens, the driver will inform you so you can report the damage to Drivy with all of the elements you have. Once the repairs are done, call our roadside assistance to organise the collection of your car.

Good to know: Our insurer has agreements with a network of garages, some of which don’t require you to advance money for repairs. Where possible, you could even benefit from a replacement vehicle during the repairs.