Tips for a smooth claims process

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Our dedicated team do the best they can to handle your claim in the smoothest way possible. However, there are still things you, as an owner can do to facilitate the speed of the process.

Here are a few tips to remember when filing and following up on claims:

Send all documents as soon as possible

This is the single, most important action you can take to ensure your claim is handled swiftly and smoothly. All documents associated with your claim need to be analysed and sent to Allianz for further inspection. However, if your claim is incomplete and there are missing documents, our team can’t send the claim over, delaying the process. 

Most of the claims we receive are incomplete, which means our team spends a lot of time following up on missing documents, delaying the process for all our owners with claims in progress. Providing all the necessary documents from the start will go a long way in expediting the handling of your claim.

Be responsive 

During the processing of your claim, it’s important that you stay contactable. Our claims team or insurance provider may need to reach out to you for clarification, or to notify you of a change in status of your claim. Answer your phone, check for emails (don’t forget the spam folder), and reply promptly so that we have everything we need to progress. 

Be patient

We know it’s tough to simply wait for updates on your claim, but rest assured, our team is handling it as best as they can. If you’ve submitted all the necessary documents and are waiting to hear back from us, it’s often because there are things happening behind the scenes that take some time to resolve with the insurance provider.

With every claim, there are at least four entities involved: you, the owner; the driver; Allianz; and Getaround. In the case of an accident with another car, there’s an additional third-party vehicle involved, too. Processing the claim in a way that’s fair and satisfies all relevant parties takes time - and this often means weeks.

The nature of the claim and extent of the damage also greatly affect processing time. Claims involving heavy damage can take longer, because a specialist needs to be called in for a formal inspection. More complicated claims may also take longer, due to obstacles that may arise or evolve during the handling.