Introducing rentals by the hour

Drivy Community Blog-Hourly Pricing.png

Starting from 26 September 2019, customers will be able to book cars by the hour. That means more options for them, and increased earnings for you. In short, this new feature could change the game for your revenue. 

1-hour price = 45% of daily price

The first hour will earn 45% of your daily price, so short rentals are always worth it. The price will then increase linearly up to the 8th hour. For rentals longer than 8 hours, the daily price will apply. Using the price calendar, you can set higher prices during weekends or peak periods that will be reflected in your hourly price.

Daily mileage allowance

The first hour of a rental will include 24mi, with an additional 12mi for each rental hour thereafter. The daily mileage allowance will now be capped at 120mi in order to remain competitive, and you’ll still continue to earn for every extra mile driven.

Example rental scenarios:

  • 1 hour: mileage allowance of 24mi

  • 5 hours: mileage allowance of (1x24mi) + (4x12mi) = 72mi

  • 9 to 24 hours: mileage allowance of 120mi

Your minimum rental duration

To take advantage of this new feature, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll automatically set your hourly price based on your current daily price. Remember, you can always set a minimum number of hours your car can be rented out for in your dashboard.

What’s next: more rentals and a better experience

By offering rentals by the hour, your car will attract a wider scope of users looking for short-term carsharing options. More customers, more earnings. That’s why we’re also increasing our marketing efforts to promote hourly pricing, particularly for business customers and off-season periods.

As we roll out the first version of this feature, we’ll keep a close eye on how it’s used and adapt our service when necessary. See our updated Terms of Service for more details.