Why an accurate description matters

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For many of our drivers, accuracy and transparency are as important as low prices. Have you ever bought something online that in reality was so different from how it seemed? You probably felt disappointed, maybe even cheated. We don’t want that to happen when drivers rent cars on Drivy.

That means describing your car accurately is crucial to getting bookings and good reviews. Apart from the photos of your car, the description is the first thing drivers see, so it’s the best opportunity to set your listing apart and convince drivers to book your car.

Here are 4 key things to remember when creating a listing description:

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1. Details make a difference

When it comes to your listing, the more details you provide, the better. Write a clear and true description of your car with any need-to-know details so that drivers will know exactly what to expect when they go to pick it up. Consider mentioning specifics about the car’s condition, driving features, fuel efficiency, and comfort level.

This applies to your rental conditions, as well. If you’d rather not allow pets to travel in your car, for example, it’s better to state that upfront rather than risk an unhappy driver who wasn’t aware of your conditions.

2. Drivers are short on time (and patience)

Drivers want to know about your car, not your life story. Write about relevant information but in a way that makes it easy for drivers to scan quickly. If you have a lot of details to share, use bullet points. If you need to explain why a certain aspect of your car is the way it is, do it succinctly and leave out any unnecessary details your driver doesn’t need to know. Also, don’t use offensive language or use ALL CAPS, which turns a lot of drivers off.

Describing your car accurately is crucial to getting bookings and good reviews.

3. Drivers will have questions

Imagine you’re a driver hoping to book someone else’s car. What would you want to know? Go through your description to try and proactively answer any potential questions. Not only will it reduce the amount of messages you’ll receive before a booking (which can be time-consuming to answer), it also shows you’re not trying to hide anything.

4. Your car is unique

What makes your car special? In addition to covering the basics, the best listings describe why the car is unique. Think about the features your car has that make it different. Does it have a ski rack? A super-spacious trunk? A killer sound system? Mention all the little luxuries that make your car not only practical and comfortable, but truly enjoyable.