Introduction to Instant Booking

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Just as its name suggests, Instant Booking makes cars on Drivy available to book immediately. This saves time for both owners and drivers – and that’s what we call a win-win!


With Instant Booking, drivers can book a car directly without having to request and wait for an owner’s approval. It’s such a popular feature that some drivers filter their search results for only cars that have Instant Booking activated. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those potential bookings, would you?

Why owners love it

As an owner, you won’t have to spend time approving rental requests. Once the driver selects your car, they’ll go right to the booking and payment stage. You’ll be notified when a driver pays for your car, so you’ll only have to get involved once a driver has confirmed the booking.

How it works

Our Instant Booking feature is available for cars that have a very good acceptance rate and a low cancellation rate. Once Instant Booking has been activated on your car, a lightning bolt symbol will appear on your car’s listing in the search results.

When a driver picks your car to book (because you’ve enticed them with your perfect listing), they’ll proceed directly to booking and payment. Don't worry - drivers with bad reviews aren't allowed to use Instant Booking.

Tips for using Instant Booking

  1. Always keep your calendar up to date to avoid having to cancel any confirmed bookings.

  2. Make sure your rental conditions are complete before you activate Instant Booking, so you don’t have to waste anyone’s time if your conditions aren’t met.

  3. In your car’s settings, personalise the message that’s sent to drivers who book your car. It adds a friendly, human touch to the experience which drivers will remember!

  4. If you aren’t sure of your schedule or if you want to deactivate Instant Booking, you can do so at any time from your settings.

 ⚠️ One last thing...

We want to ensure an optimal experience for both our owners and drivers, so we carefully monitor the cancellation rate for cars with Instant Booking activated. If you cancel too many bookings, we may deactivate your listing :(