How to create the perfect listing

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At Drivy, we want to help you maximise your earnings by having your car booked as often as possible. Everyone wants to make more money, right? In order to do that, you need to create a listing that attracts potential drivers and entices them to book your car over someone else’s.

Want to create a listing that drivers will love? Read on to find out how to do it.




1. Take photos that show off your car

Photos are the most important part of your listing, so it’s worth spending the time to take quality shots of your car. You don’t need to set up a professional photo shoot (unless you want to, of course!) – just a well-lit background teamed with a quality camera will make your car look more appealing to potential drivers. You can also take pictures with our mobile app and upload them directly to your profile.


If you’re worried about your photography skills, follow our simple tips on how to take great photos of your car.

2. Write a detailed listing description

It’s not enough to just look good – your car also has to meet drivers’ needs. You never know what information a driver is looking for, so provide as many details as you can about your car’s performance, accessories, and equipment (ie. a roof rack, a CD player, an optional baby seat). The more information you provide, the more confident drivers will feel about booking your car.

If you only want to share your car under certain conditions, be sure to specify them in the “Conditions required by the owner” field so you won’t have to reject requests that don’t meet your requirements.


3. Keep your calendar updated

Updating your calendar regularly makes your listing more effective. Why? Because you’ll only receive booking requests that match your car’s availability, and the more requests you accept, the higher your listing will appear in search results. For non-Drivy Open trips, you can also indicate specific hours you’re available to do a key exchange in the “Hourly availability” tab.

4. Set a fair price

As an owner on Drivy, you have the freedom to choose how much it costs to book your car. You can even adjust your price according to the day. The price that drivers will see on your listing is the sum of the price you set plus insurance and a small booking fee. Be careful, though: If you set your prices too high, drivers may opt for a cheaper listing. If you set your prices too low, however, you won’t be earning as much as you could be per trip.

To help you set fair prices, choose “Variable pricing” (which adjusts your price during higher-demand days such as weekends and holidays) and use our pricing suggestions to help you determine the optimal price for your car. Make any adjustments for individual days as you see fit. That way, you can maximise your earnings during peak periods and offer a competitive price during quieter ones.

To find out more about setting prices on your listings, read about how pricing works and our tips for earning more.