The Getaround Owner’s Commitment to Quality Standards

Renting out your car on Getaround is a smart way to earn money, and it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience for both you and drivers.

To ensure that our customers enjoy their trips and appreciate the Getaround experience, we ask our owners to commit to certain quality standards. After all, satisfied customers become repeat customers.

Our Commitment to Quality Standards is explained in more detail below.

Listing appeal

  • Photos

    Photos are the first thing customers notice when choosing a car. They make a huge difference in the performance of your listing. Make sure to follow our guidelines and photo recommendations in your car photo dashboard.

  • Description

    Provide a clear and honest description about your car. No need to add too many details unless you need to share specific instructions.

  • Address

    Your listing address must be the actual address where your car will be accessible, whether or not you use the Getaround Connect technology. For all trips, customers should never have to walk more than 400m away from the address specified in your listing. For a trip with Getaround Connect, specify if your car will be parked in a private parking or in a public area.

  • Price

    We strongly suggest that you use our variable pricing feature to optimise your earnings. You shouldn’t charge anything extra on top of the price indicated on your listing.

Owner reliability

  • Cancellations

    Never cancel a booking unless you can find an alternative solution for your customer. There’s nothing worse than having to look for a last-minute solution when your trip has been cancelled.

  • Behaviour

    Always be courteous when talking with your customers. Be respectful and feel free to report any bad behaviour to us -- we’ll step in to assist if you’re having a dispute with a driver.

Trip experience

  • Safety

    Always provide a safe and well-maintained car to your customers. Comply with all the mandatory inspections and carefully check all basic safety elements (liquid levels, tire pressure, lights, etc.).

  • Instructions

    Make Check-in / Check-out instructions clear and detailed so your customers can easily find and return your car without worry. Ask yourself what they absolutely need to know to be able to access your car.

  • Cleanliness

    Always provide a clean car (exterior and interior). If you’re using Getaround Connect, make sure to visit your car every 3 to 4 trips to make sure it’s still clean. You can even provide a small car vacuum in the trunk of your car, indicating in your return instructions that drivers should use it at the end of their trip. You can also report drivers who return your car dirty, so we can apply cleaning fees if necessary.

These standards provide the foundation of the incredible experience we aim to provide to all Getaround customers.

We count on all of our owner-partners to respect and commit to these standards, with the eventual reward of consistent revenues and a successful business on the Getaround platform.