How Drivy Open works

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Drivy Open – our super-cool technology that unlocks your car without a key – can be every Drivy car owner’s secret weapon.

Once installed, the Drivy Open box lets you share your car without you needing to be physically present. The rental process becomes entirely self-service, which means your car can be available even when you’re not.

Want to get started with Drivy Open? First, check if your vehicle is compatible with our hardware. Next, make sure your car is available for Drivy bookings for at least 7 days per month. Ready? Read on! 

Drivers who book your car are completely autonomous, and are guided via the Drivy app during the entire duration of their trip.

Installing Drivy Open

In order to accept Drivy Open bookings, your car needs to be installed with our Drivy Open box, which allows locating and unlocking your car with the driver’s smartphone. Make an appointment with our team for the installation, which takes from 1 to 2 hours and comes free with your Drivy Open subscription.

The Drivy Open Welcome Kit

The Drivy Open Welcome Kit

Once the Drivy Open hardware is installed, you’ll receive instructions via email to activate your car, and a member of our team will also get in touch with you to ensure everything is working as it should. With Drivy Open installed, your car remains 100% safe: only vetted drivers can book it, and your car also benefits from an immobiliser to protect it against theft.


The Drivy Open rental process

When your car is activated with Drivy Open, the booking process for you couldn’t be simpler. Drivers who book your car are completely autonomous, and are guided via the Drivy app during the entire duration of their trip.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Leave a set of keys inside your car in the Drivy pouch (which you’ll get in your Drivy Open Welcome Kit), then lock your car with your smartphone.

  2. Once a driver books your car, you’ll be instantly notified. The driver’s profile – including their licence and identity documents – will be verified by Drivy.

  3. The vetted driver geolocates your car on their smartphone up to 1 hour before the trip starts.

  4. Once they’ve reached the car, the driver performs the walkaround inspection via the Drivy app. (If there’s any damage to the vehicle that wasn’t previously indicated in the pictures, the driver will report it.)

  5. The driver unlocks your vehicle with their smartphone and, if necessary, inputs the current fuel level (mileage is automatically recorded by our device). You’ll be notified as soon as the trip starts. During the trip, the driver uses your car normally with the keys.

  6. When it’s time for check-out, the driver takes pictures of your vehicle from 8 angles, indicates the fuel level if necessary, and finally, puts the keys back in the Drivy pouch inside your car before locking it with their smartphone. You’ll then be notified via email that the trip has ended.

Drivy Open price updates

For fully compatible vehicles, the mileage and fuel level at the end of the rental are read by the Drivy Open box, so any price updates for distance or fuel are calculated and updated automatically. Unfortunately, not all models of vehicles are able to automatically detect fuel levels yet. For cars that aren’t compatible, the driver has to input the fuel level manually.

If the driver travelled further than expected, the driver is automatically charged for the additional distance (whereas unused miles are not refunded). If the driver returned your car with a different level of fuel than at check-in, we’ll calculate the difference and the driver will be charged or refunded accordingly.

Still need convincing that Drivy Open is right for your car? Read our article on why you should install Drivy Open.