What to know before your first Open rental

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Hooray! You took the smart route and had your car installed with the Drivy Open device. You’re well on your way to start earning more money in less time, without having to leave your sofa.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Fill in your bank information

We need your details to pay you after each booking, and to bill your Open subscription. We’ll send you an email with all the informations you need and once you’ve completed your bank details, our team will activate the Drivy Open system on your car.

2. Complete the pickup instructions

Since you won’t be meeting drivers in person, you’ll need to let them know how to access your car. (For example: Do you have a reserved parking space? Is a code needed to open a locked gate or enter the garage?) Fill in this need-to-know information by going to:

Your cars > Manage your listing > Rental instructions

Don’t worry - we’ll only send drivers this information after they’ve booked your car.


3. Always lock your car with the app (not the car key ⛔️ )

Remember that before every rental, your car needs to be locked using the app to make the Open experience work. If you lock your car with the physical key, drivers won’t be able to open the door with the app as expected.

4. Need your car? Unlock with the app.

When drivers complete their trips, they’ll lock your car doors with the app. If you’ll be using your car afterwards, you’ll need to unlock it with the app first before using your keys - otherwise, the car won’t start. Open’s built-in immobiliser keeps your car protected by making sure only those using the app can unlock and start the car.

5. Respect every booking

Don’t cancel bookings under any circumstances. If you’re nervous about who will be driving your car, check out our thorough vetting process of verifying drivers to put your mind at ease.


6. Clean your car

To ensure all of your drivers get the best experience and leave you five-star reviews, keep your car in good condition. If a driver leaves your car in a bad state, you can report them.